• Move from H2O to M&M:

    Join our campaign to move from being an H2O type Jew (2 holidays only) to M&M: Monthly Mitzvah! Sign up below! No fee for this club, just a commitment to try & do an additional Mitzvah this year.

    Here are some of the ideas from the pledge card. remember theses are not all or nothing, any small improvement in any of these areas will help keep Judaism vibrant in your life.

    • Candle lighting
    • Shabbat/Friday night
    • Celebrate a Jewish holiday (Like Sukkot!)
    • Come to Shul (even JFK)
    • Learn (JLI courses anyone?)
    • Teffilin
    • Mikvah
    • Kosher
    • Mezuzah
    • Chai Club Donor
  • Should be Empty:
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