Please note: Anyone who is not yet comfortable attending, should please remain at home and connect with G‑d there. It is meant only as a guide for proper safety measures to be enforced for those who wish to daven (pray) in shul.

1) These Shabbat day services will be shorter than a usual Shabbat service. 

2) Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbat & Sunday have not yet restarted.

3) All in attendance should wear a mask for the entire service. If you don't have a mask, we will provide one for you at the entrance of the door.  Please wash hands regularly and we will not be kissing or touching any holy items including the Torah scroll.

4) A distance of at least 6 feet must be strictly maintained at all times. Chairs have been arranged to maintain those guidelines. 

5) Do not come with any illness

6) Try to use the bathroom before coming to shul to minimize its use here.

7) Only children that are old and mature enough to be able to remain right next to their parents the entire time are able to attend. 

8) To ensure social distancing, kiddushin will not be taking place during this time. There will be a prepackaged kiddush snack and water on the way out.

9) Every congregant will find Siddur and Chumash and place on your chair. Please leave it on your seat when leaving.

10) When one is called up to the Torah please follow the directions given.

12) Please understand that since the Mitzvah of safeguarding our health and each other's health must come first, we will have to enforce these rules. We ask that you wait until the guidelines are relaxed if you might find them difficult to adhere to. Likewise, anyone who is at higher-risk is advised to stay home or speak with your doctor before attending.

Thank you for understand and may Hashem bless us all with good health and the ability to do Mitzvos together in better times.