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Dedication Opportunities

Dedication Opportunities



         Mei Menachem Building                                               $50,000

         Lobby & Waiting Room                                                $25,000

         Women’s Preparation Room (2)                                    $25,000

         Main Mikvah Room                                                      $36,000

         Main Mikvah well                                                         $18,000

         Jerusalem Mural                           RESERVED             $10,000

         Mezuzah                                                                    $10,000

         Kiddush & Sukkah pavilion            RESERVED              $18,000

         Dish Mikvah                                                                $18,000

         Security System                                                         $10,000


Opportunities to Participate:

         Founders                                                                   $5,400

         Builders                                                                     $3,600

         Supporters                                                                 $1,800    

         Donors                                                                      $1,000


All dedication and participation opportunities will have a place of permanent acknowledgement

To discuss a dedication please contact Rabbi Adler @ or call the Shul @ 727-789-0408




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